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Learn from the Past, Look to the Future - YURTS

So you want a Hawaii Yurt? There are many reasons why Yurts are great - Imagine painting a masterpiece in your own art studio, giving your guests a comfortable stay for the weekend, or watching the game with the guys in your "man cave" -- the possibilities are endless!

For many years, the nomadic people of the Middle East have built and vacated these incredible structures. Yurts Hawaii has adopted the idea of building these dwellings to create a strongly constructed, weatherproof, affordable yurt that will allow you to be creative and put your inner designer to work. We started building Yurts here in Hawaii for friends and for our own wellness center, but once people saw our grass roots approach to building Yurts, they all wanted one. BackYard Yurts was born. We are a grass roots movement that was created with the idea to build yurts with the natural resources in your own backyard. We can come to you, cut trees and mill the wood right on your own piece of land - keeping the Mana and energy there. If you don't have those resources at home, we will also construct them in our workshops on the North Shore of Oahu. Our efforts are to support community based sustainable living and manufacturing here in Hawaii.

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Our NO Permit Needed! Oahu Yurt

On Oahu, each parcel of land is allowed one unpermitted structure under 120 sq. feet. Our 12' 2" yurt measures just under 120 sq. feet but the tall walls make it seem even bigger. This yurt can be put anywhere -even in your own back yard!